We are there for you...

  • if you have been raped
  • if you are being abused or have been abused in the past
  • if you experienced sexual abuse as a child
  • if you feel sexually harassed or threatened by phone, at work or on social networks
  • if you experience sexual abuse during therapy or treatment
  • if you know an affected woman professionally or personally and would like help, information and advice
  • if you have any questions concerning sexual violence
  • how long it has been since the abuse took place
  • whether the abuser is a relative, acquaintance or a stranger
  • whether the abuse was reported or not
  • how old you are, which country you come from, whether you are lesbian or heterosexual

We can offer you...

  • personal advice on the phone confidential, free and anonymous if preferred
  • help in acute crisis situations
  • support to process the experienced violence
  • contact details on request for therapists, doctors, clinics and lawyers who are familiar with sexual violence
  • accompaniment e.g. to see a gynaecologist, to the police station, to court
  • information about the reporting process, pressing charges as well as about the confidential forensic medical examination following rape
  • psychosocial support

You can turn to us at any time, even if you do not want to take legal action or report the abuse.

It‘s important to us...

  • to work with each individual woman to find ways for her to lead a self-determined life despite her experience of violence
  • to inform the public about the extent, causes and consequences of sexual violence
  • to educate, so that sexual violence is not seen as the problem of the individual woman involved but as a socio-political problem

From woman to woman

Out of 120 women‘s emergency helplines in Germany, we are the only one in the Saarland region. The counselling centre was founded by the “Emergency Call Group for Raped and Abused Women” in 1986. Our work is financially supported by the state, by the state capital Saarbrücken and the Saarbrücken regional and district assemblies. As we must generate our own financial contribution in order to receive funding, we depend on support memberships, fine revenue and donations to secure our work. DONATION ACCOUNT:

Sparkasse Saarbrücken

IBAN DE65 5905 0101 0067 1260 52